ADAMM-RSM: For Clinical Trials & Research

Health Care Originals (HCO) equips you to implement your study the way you envisioned, adapting to your needs. Our unobtrusive application, ambulatory cough monitoring, other symptom monitoring and low burden of use allow you to recruit with greater diversity. You can collect data at any point in the study, and we provide metrics as required to evaluate, keep participants engaged and ultimately achieve better study efficiency.

Clinical Trials with ADAMM-RSM


We built all our systems with flexibility in mind. So, we adapt to your requirements for optimal study configuration - no need to limit your study.


ADAMM-RSM is designed to unobtrusively monitor cough, respiration rate, temperature, heart rate, abnormal breath events and activity. Many more detection algorithms in development. Talk to us about your interest.


Together with the Web Portal and App, you can analyze the pre-formatted analytics or investigate the robust raw data.

Special Features of ADAMM-RSM


ADAMM-RSM™ is designed for use by pharmaceuticals; CROs; universities and hospitals


ADAMM-RSM™ suits small and large-scale trials


ADAMM-RSM™ allows monitoring in real-life situations


Program ADAMM-RSM™ to customize it to your needs

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Our experts will guide you though all the features of ADAMM-RSM and how you can custom tailor devices & features for your specific study.

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