Before COVID-19, not all restaurants offered “to-go” options. Now, it seems like everyone does, although some have the caveat that take-out service may be slowed or pulled in times of high demand. Similarly, before COVID, it always seemed like healthcare very much lacked that “to-go” feature. Now, with telemedicine and other virtual care services, many of us have to-go options for mental health, diabetes control, smoking cessation, and more. But pulmonary or lung health for those of us with asthma or COPD still seemed to lag behind.

Now there’s Nightingale – the personal pulmonary care service for people with asthma or COPD, and no caveats necessary!

  • Respiratory Therapy – to go
  • Life Coaching – to go
  • Your symptoms – monitored in real life while you’re on the go (symptom monitoring to go with ADAMM!)
  • Your Tools – to go – peak flow meters for those with asthma, OPEP devices for those with COPD
  • Cleaner air – to go – in your home, where you need it most

We started Nightingale because living with asthma and COPD every day shouldn’t be difficult, but it is. We should all be able to do everything, but we can’t. We should be able to remember and understand every little thing that needs to be done for our lungs, but we sometimes need help. We should be able to track our asthma symptoms and our COPD symptoms, but we can’t, we just lose track. Nightingale helps to fill those gaps so you don’t have to think about it so much. It’s very much to-go: fitting into your life when you need it, filling gaps to become your personal pulmonary healthcare reference.

Living with asthma or COPD is hard, but it shouldn’t be. Nightingale helps us to take control of our pulmonary health.

Nightingale is a Respiratory Therapy service that provides you with daily tips and reminders, one-on-one coaching with respiratory therapists, and an award-winning wearable, ADAMM, that measures your symptoms of asthma to help you and your therapist recognize trends and triggers right in the app. In contrast with traditional, in-person consultations, Nightingale provides convenient at-home education with repeated, ongoing check-ins. For your child or for yourself, Nightingale is the way that those living with a respiratory condition to live their healthiest lives.

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