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VA Contract Award 36C10G21D0016

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Health Care Originals, Inc. (HCO) was founded because people with chronic heart and lung disease suffer daily. They endure cumulative stress and unpredictable financial hardship; they do not know if an episode can be self-managed or requires immediate medical treatment

HCO created a cardio-pulmonary wearable system with an exclusive license to patented technology from the University of Rochester

Only HCO has solved the problem for doctors in real-time during a telemedicine visit to listen to a patient’s heart and lungs AND to listen between visits to finetune patient treatment plans using remote patient monitoring

ADAMM – TM/RPM is an innovative solution comprised of HCO’s proprietary device, app, and platform. This gives doctors a wireless stethoscope to gather and store objective patient data for better informed decisions

Healthcare professionals and patients with heart and lung conditions win. Together with HCO, they will improve patient experiences and outcomes, reduce utilization of emergency healthcare services, and reduce healthcare treatment costs by adopting ADAMM-TM/RPM

Iron Bow Technologies LLC Selects Health Care Originals, Inc. as Telehealth Partner

Iron Bow Technologies LLC is a leading federal contractor to the Veterans Affairs (VA), Defense Health Agency (DHA) and DoD Medical. 

Iron Bow provides significant support for federal health systems including Telehealth, Managed Services, and IT Solutions. At the core of their work is a focus on enhancing the quality of patient care through improved access. This is done with an eye toward reducing costs and strict maintenance of privacy.

Iron Bow selected Health Care Originals as a partner to increase the effectiveness of its Telehealth delivery.  HCO proprietary wearable device, software and services have been vetted by Iron Bow and the General Services Administration (GSA.) They are available through Iron Bow contracting vehicles:

GSA IT Schedule 70 – GS-35F-0251V

VA Contract Award – 36C10G21D0016

NAICS Description
334510 Electrical and Electrotherapeutic Apparatus Manufacturing
541511 Custom Computer Program Services
541519 Other Computer Related Services
541715 Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences (except Nanotechnology and Biotechnology)
PSC Code Description
6515 Medical and Surgical Instruments, Equipment and Supplies
6625 Electrical and Electronic Properties Measuring and Testing Instruments
AJ11, AJ12, AJ13 General Science and Technology R&D Services: General Science and Technology
Basic Research, Applied Research, Experimental Development
AN11, AN12, AN13 Health R&D Services: Health Care Services
Basic Research, Applied Research, Experimental Development
AN21, AN22, AN23 Health R&D Services: Health Research and Training
Basic Research, Applied Research, Experimental Development
Q521 Medical-Pulmonary



Data is collected with specialized sensors packaged within a user friendly, reusable wearable that noninvasively monitors essential cardiopulmonary parameters. Doctors can switch to ongoing monitoring to supplement telemedicine sessions


Live streaming of multiple touchpoints without delay: respiration, temperature, heartbeat, cough, and abnormal lung events. For doctors, it will feel – and not just look – like they are seeing the patient in their office


Increased touchpoints equip doctors and patients to achieve more effective control of chronic illness. For everyday complaints, the touchpoints encourage earlier interaction with you

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