Our Healthcare Originals Story

Health Care Originals, Inc. (HCO) is headquartered in Rochester, NY. We make cardio-pulmonary wearable systems, comprising a full stack hardware and software solution. Our focus has always been on respiratory disease – borne out our personal experience with the debilitating effects of chronic respiratory disease, not only for those diagnosed with the disease, but also their caregivers.

We believe respiratory conditions are under-served, and more needs to be done to understand how best to adapt medications and treatment regimens to the individual, so that they can live their best life, and their caregivers can enjoy peace of mind and freedom, knowing that their loved ones have the tools at their disposal to understand and manage their conditions.

Our Journey - the ADAMM Family of Products

We make the only ambulatory cough monitor in the world, and are
developing signatures for other abnormal breath events. Our ADAMM-RSM systems are in use in tpaid rials/studies in COPD; radiation pneumonitis; asthma; telemedicine; and chronic cough.

However, the journey started with ADAMM in 2009, in the mind of co-inventor Dr. Hyekyun Rhee, based at the School of Nursing, University of Rochester, in Upstate New York, USA. Dr. Rhee’s program of research focuses on improving asthma outcomes in adolescents, leading more than 10 studies since 2003. She’s also been lead or co-author on 33 papers in this space, ond made over 16 presentations on asthma. That wealth of experience was unique enough, but in an exemplary demonstration of interdisciplinary cooperation, she then started working with co-inventor Mark Bocko, Distinguished Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, USA. Aptly, Professor Bocko is also Technical Director, the Center for Future Health. Together, they did a series of 3 studies, involving more than 84 adolescents, and developed this proprietary technology that was patented in July 2014.

HCO took the technology to commercialization: developed its proprietary hardware and algorithms; broadened the focus beyond asthma, and developed the ADAMM family of products to work in more use cases.

Along the way, we’ve won many awards and recognition, and have been called disruptive health care tech. We’re excited to be continuing our journey to achieve our goal.

Meet the Team

How do you make something truly disruptive that challenges the status quo? Assemble a team that’s just a little different – very competent, but characterized by thinking beyond traditional boundaries.

Meet the Team

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