ADAMM helps you understand and monitor your asthma more easily

Our award-winning device provides…


Symptom Detection

Sensors in the wearable detect your symptoms – tracking cough rate, respiration patterns, heartbeat, temperature and other symptoms of interest.



Whenever your symptoms deviate from your individual norm, the wearable vibrates, notifying you of the deviation. If you’ve designated someone, they will also get text notifications.


Inhaler Detection

Can’t remember if you took your inhaler? Need to track rescue inhaler use to determine your level of control? Depending on the type of inhaler you use, we can tell you.


Voice Journaling

Press your wearable to record relevant journal entries – changes, feelings, behaviors – anything you notice and want to record – no need to write or record anywhere else. This data gets transferred to your long-term record.


Autonomous, rechargeable

This is a wearable that does not depend on your smartphone for processing power, thus providing true autonomy – no need to be near a smartphone. Parents: no need to worry if your child doesn’t have a smartphone: the wearable has the capacity to transmit data as required. Don’t want to wear it at night?Place it in a rechargeable cradle on your nightstand and we’ll continue to monitor for coughing – the most prevalent night-time symptom.


Unique Algorithm Technology

Our algorithms help us learn what’s unique to you – what is your normal. Then, we put all that data together, process it on the wearable, and develop an understanding – are you at your norm, or are you moving away from it? When we have that result, we sent it to a smartphone if you have it, as well as to your loved ones – parents, caregivers, persons who agree to get that result in real-time.

Our applications uses innovative
user interface & displays



Need to make longer notes about how you’re feeling at different times? Enter the info here.


Medication Reminders

Do you need reminders to ensure you take your medications, and that they are taken on time? As long as you’ve set up your treatment plan, you’ll get reminders from the app. We’ll bug you until you acknowledge that you took your meds.


Smartphone App

While you don’t need a smartphone to facilitate full wearable functionality, if you have a smartphone, our app enhances compliance with your management plan.


Your Wearable

Want to see what the wearable is monitoring? View the app if you find it more convenient than checking on the website.


Treatment Plans

Do you have trouble remembering all the aspects of your plan? Once you’ve established your management plan with your doctor, load it here.

Our Web Portal allows you access, anytime, anywhere


Symptom Tracking

View long-term data that’s unique to you. Tools allow you to see patterns and trends at a glance.


Symptom Trending

View patterns and trends and look at what triggers your asthma.


Notification Forwarding

Set up a list of people who can get notifications of changes. Give peace of mind to everyone on the list!


HIPAA Compliant Data Storage

Up to date security measures taken to protect your personal information and data.


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The same award-winning technology as ADAMM now provides…


Accurate Respiratory Monitoring

Complete respiratory monitoring for Clinical Trials.


Events not previously monitored can now be:

Monitor respiratory responses, involuntary chest sounds and other events of significance.

Real Time, Continuous

Understand the impact and responses real-time, continuously – for the first time, unparalleled access to objective data on patient responses.

Unique algorithm technology

Looking for something in particular? We can customize to suit your needs.


Journaling Made Easy

No need to wade through reams of paper to decipher patient records.


General trial reminders

Set medication and reporting schedules for trial participants.


Smartphone Options

Let trial participants push data to their phone, or to the cloud – yours or ours.


Connectivity Options

BTLE to smartphone only, or encrypted secure transmission directly from our wearable.


HIPAA Compliant Data Storage

Security, privacy of trial data ensured.


Uniquely Searchable Database Structure

Use our database and access your trial data with unparalleled query structure.


APIs For Seamless Integration

We are always happy to generate relevant APIs to allow our systems to integrate smoothly.


Your cloud or ours?

It doesn’t matter. We’ll get the data to you however you wish to receive it.

ADAMM-RSM is ideal for self-monitoring when coupled with our suite of apps. Sign up now to get updates on availability.

ADAMM-RSM enables patient monitoring on a more practical scale as it provides monitoring of: respiratory functions, heart beat rate, skin temperature, activity and the identification of many abnormal breath sounds.


Device ready for trials in March 2017.

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